2018 New Releases!!

Welcome to 2018! Each new year bring new possibilities, and one of those possibilities is that your students might *love* orchestra this year. Fresh, new music is a great way to keep the buzz alive in your group.


We are releasing 2 titles this year, "Tango" at Grade 2.5 level, and "Sixteen Snippets" at a Grade 0.5 level. Tango is a traditional tango containing all the rhythms & modulations you'd expect, which means there are the challenges of B flats & F naturals over a steady and predictable Tango rhythm. Apart from the B flats, the notes are not very difficult which makes this piece at first seem too easy for Grade 2.5, but don't be fooled.

Sixteen Snippets is a collection of tiny performances pieces for students in their first year of playing. Beginning with plucked open strings (which can also be played arco), the pieces gradually become more difficult so that, by the end of the collection, the students are playing a true, full string orchestra piece. A variety of styles and harmonic idioms make this collection interesting and appealing.


Both pieces are available in the store now, along with the rest of the catalogue. Backing track CDs for Sixteen Snippets are on their way.


Happy playing!

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