2019 New Releases, now available in the Store!

We are very proud to make available the latest offerings in the Martini Strings catalogue of string orchestral pieces. This year adds another 3 works to the list, all very well received at the AUSTA Qld Reading Day on Sunday 10th Feb, and all specially crafted to help your string orchestra develop their skills...as well as sound wonderful!

First there is the "Chorale in A". A simple yet beautiful Chorale, the notes are playable by a Grade 2 level orchestra but for a more mature performance it would be better handled by a Grade 3 level ensemble.

Second is "Contemplation", a dream-like piece in 6/8 time is definitely suited to Grade 3 level ensembles. A lilting motif is passed around the upper strings, and the end is not fully resolved as the contemplation continues.

Finally we have "Sparkling Lights", a piece inspired as Alison was driving past a Brisbane university on the way home from a concert one night and saw the fairy lights in the trees. As they passed behind other branches they appeared to sparkle, which gave rise to this entire piece that night. Students can enjoy using harmonics, pizzicato, and the viola section gets to announce the main theme at the start. What's not to love!

We hope you will enjoy these pieces and find them useful for your string groups. To purchase, head over to the Store now.

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