2022 New Releases, now available!

My goodness, how did it get to 2022? I think we've all spent the last 2 years in survival mode, but now it's time to get out & thrive with some fresh new music!

Our newest release offers some spark for older or more advanced groups. "Dark Sea Dances" was inspired by a fun activity in a composer's Facebook group - three lists of words, you pick one word from each list & it gives you the name of a piece! I found "Dark Sea Dances" & thought that was too good to pass up, although I did sit on it for a few years before finding the right sounds.

At about a Grade 3.5 level, you'll find two dances. First is the "Waltz of the Waves" in A minor, which is a rolling waltz felt in 1 in a bar, giving the sense of moving through the waves at great speed on the way to your destination. Second is "Homeward Bound", a jig-style dance which you could imagine happening on the deck of the ship after the cargo has been delivered. Challenging rhythms & engaging harmonies put this in a different league to your ordinary sailor's jig!

Click Listen to hear a sample of these exciting new pieces, bundled together for your convenience. Happy dancing!

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