New String Orchestra titles in store today!

I'm incredibly pleased to announce four new String Orchestra titles in store today, ranging from Grade 2 to 4, all tried and tested. 2015 was a very busy year! If you have intermediate to advancing ensembles, check out these pieces for some fresh melodies. Available to be shipped nationally and internationally, purchase your copy today!

"Drought" conjures up images of baking plains and hot summer days; lots of harmonics and intricate harmonies. Chosen because of an integral bowing which is very useful for developing string players, "Variations on a Sea Shanty" takes a well-known sea shanty and explores a variety of melodic and rhythmic options. "Pizzicato Rush!" is a great little encore piece which is over in a flash but leaves you out of breath on the other side. "Rainstorm" is a piece in 6/8 time, depicting the arrival, intensity and passing of a tropical rain storm. 

I hope you find something here that suits your ensemble!

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